Display panels and scripts to get the most from your Bitcoin node

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Bitcoin Panels

Create geometric artwork based on the Bitcoin Blockhash
Blockhash Dungeon
Generates a maze display remiscent of legacy video games based on the Bitcoin Blockhash. The maze is rendered semi deterministically and features customizable tilesets for the floor and walls and logos.
Block Height
Renders an image of the current block height. Simple. Refined.
Block Stats
Renders an image of stats for the current block height including inputs, outputs, transaction count, percentage of segwit, the size of the block and utxo set change, fee rates and fees for transactions. Optionally renders time series data for fee rates and segwit
Difficulty Epoch
An image of the progress through current difficulty epoch denoting blocks expected (green), ahead of schedule (yellow), or behind schedule (red) with estimate of next increase.
Fee Estimates
Graphs fee estimates over time as reported from Bitcoin Core for targetting 1 block, 3 block, 6 block and 144 block confirmation times.
Halving Countdown
Percent progress to the next halving period. A new picture is chosen to fill the grid for each whole percent
Unmined Inscriptions Mempool
Shows thumbnail representations of the most recently added inscriptions to the mempool which are not yet mined.
Inscription Parser
Parses inscriptions from blocks, creates display wrappers for each with metadata
Mempool Space
Summary of data for upcoming blocks with estimated fee rates and the fee band across blocks
Creates an image showing the text entries added in OP_RETURN

Lightning Panels

LND Channel Balance
Summary report of LND channel balances with graphical bars showing relative percentage of channel balance on local or remote
LND Channel Fees
Summary report of ratio of value sent and received in channel, fees paid and earned through channels
LNDHub Account Balances
Summary of accounts in a local LNDHub instance with reporting of receives and spends, balance, and fees the hub has earned per account
LND Messages
Displays messages received via invoices or keysend payments
Ring of Fire Status
Shows status of Lightning nodes participating in a defined ring with their up/down state, and the channels between them.

Mining Panels

Shows current metrics (power, temperature, fan, pool info) and graphed hashrate and moving average over time for miners.
Braiins Pool
Creates a graph of earnings over the past 30 days of participation in Braiins pool
F2 Pool
A graphed 24 hour summary of earnings and current hash rate for F2 Pool account
Luxor Pool
Creates images for each month of hashrate data available for Luxor mining pool account

Nostr Panels

Nostr.Band statistics
Renders images of stats about Nostr based on the data collated by Nostr.Band.

Informational Panels

IP Addresses
Enumerates the IP addresses for identification. Simple
System Metrics
Renders the CPU temperature, Free Drive space, CPU and Memory Usage
UTC Clock
Renders the date and time. Simple

Other Fun Panels

Compass Mining Status
Prepares an image showin the high level status of facilities that are in Maintenance, Critical, Major issue status
Fear and Greed Index
Graphs the Fear and Greed index from with a moving average trend over time and indicator of highest value
Fiat Price
Shows the current fiat valuation of Bitcoin in US Dollar terms from Bisq marketplace
Gas Prices
Produces an image displaying the gas price for a region in the United States or Canada using CollectAPI data
Geyser Fund
Show info about a randomly chosen project from Geyser.Fund
Renders NFTs from Raretoshi with overlays showing author, title, edition and owner info
Sats per Fiat Unit
Shows the current fiat valuation of Bitcoin rendered as the number of Satoshis you can acquire per fiat unit sold.
Whirlpool CLI Mix Status
Depicts the status of your Whirlpool Client for whether its connected and participating in mixes
Whirlpool Liquidity
Shows the Whirlpool pool status indicating number of premixers and remixers in each pool

Composite Displays

Two Image Display
Builds a composite display image stacking from bottom up intended for a portrait oriented display. Use with 5" DSI screen mounted to a Cryptocloaks Triton case. Or use with HDMI output to a TV for conference halls and exhibit booths.
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