System Metrics Script

Renders the CPU temperature, Free Drive space, CPU and Memory Usage

System Information

A useful script that reports the CPU temperature and load, drive space in use and free, as well as memory usage. Color coding follows green/yellow/red for ranging from all OK to heavy usage to warning.

sample system info panel

This script assumes you are using a Raspberry Pi setup using a MicroSD card for the OS (/dev/root), and external storage (/dev/sda1) for data files for Bitcoin, LND, etc.

Script Location

This script is installed at ~/nodeyez/scripts/


To manage and configure this script, use the nodeyez-config tool

sudo nodeyez-config

To manually configure this script, edit the ~/nodeyez/config/sysinfo.json file

Fields are defined below

field name description
backgroundColor The background color of the image expressed as a hexadecimal color specifier. Default #000000
height The height, in pixels, to generate the image. Default 320
interval The amount of time, in seconds, the script should wait before data gathering and image creation again. Default 30
width The width, in pixels, to generate the image. Default 480

Run Directly

Ensure the virtual environment is activated

source ~/.pyenv/nodeyez/bin/activate

Change to the scripts folder

cd ~/nodeyez/scripts

Run it


Press CTRL+C to stop the process

Run at Startup

To enable the script to run at startup, as the privileged user run the following

sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-sysinfo.service

sudo systemctl start nodeyez-sysinfo.service