Block Height for Bitcoin

Renders an image of the current block height. Simple. Refined.

Block Height

This script prepares an image displaying the block height.
It depends on a bitcoin node.

sample image depicting the blockheight reads 693131

Script Location

The script is installed at ~/nodeyez/scripts/


To manage and configure this script, use the nodeyez-config tool

sudo nodeyez-config

To manually configure this script, edit the ~/nodeyez/config/blockheight.json file

Fields are defined below

field name description
backgroundColor The background color of the image expressed as a hexadecimal color specifier. Default #000000
height The height, in pixels, to generate the image. Default 320
interval The amount of time, in seconds, the script should wait before data gathering and image creation again. Default 120
textColor The color of the text expressed as a Hexadecimal color specifier. Default #ffffff
textShadowColor The shadow color of text expressed as a hexadecimal color specifier. Alpha level should be depicted as weakest and will automatically be rendered in gradual stepping to opaque. Default #f2a90020
textShadowPercent The size of shadowing to apply to text expressed as a percentage of the font size. Default 10
width The width, in pixels, to generate the image. Default 480

Running Directly

Ensure the virtual environment is activated

source ~/.pyenv/nodeyez/bin/activate

Change to the scripts folder

cd ~/nodeyez/scripts

Run it


Press CTRL+C to stop the process

Run at Startup

To enable the script to run at startup, as the privileged user run the following

sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-blockheight.service

sudo systemctl start nodeyez-blockheight.service