Ring of Fire Status script

Shows status of Lightning nodes participating in a defined ring with their up/down state, and the channels between them.

Ring of Fire Status

The Ring of Fire script provides renderings of configured Lightning Ring of Fire groups. If you have a lightning node and participate in a Ring of Fire, you can configure the pubkeys for each node in the agreed sequence and the script will provide a useful image showing its present state.

All calls originate from a single Lightning node regardless of how many are defined in configuration files. Either the local instance when running with CLI, or the node indicated by activeProfile when configured for REST based calls. Permissions needed in the macaroon are as follows

The following command can be used to convert a macaroon into the necessary hex format: xxd -ps -u -c 1000 nodeyez.macaroon

Color coding differentiates an online node from an offline one, as well as the channels between them. Names of nodes can be labeled on the resulting image for context. You can define as many ring of fire configurations as you want.

sample ring of fire rendering showing 5 nodes

Script Location

The script is installed at ~/nodeyez/scripts/lndringoffire.py


To manage and configure this script, use the nodeyez-config tool

sudo nodeyez-config

To manually configure this script, edit the ~/nodeyez/config/lndringoffire.json file

Fields are defined below

field name description
headerText The text to use in the header area. This can be overriden in each ring definition. Default Lightning Ring of Fire
height The height, in pixels, to generate the image. Default 320
interval The amount of time, in seconds, the script should wait before data gathering and image creation again. Default 900
nodeOfflineBackgroundColor The background color to depict an offline node. Default #ff1010
nodeOfflineTextColor The text color to use for labeling an offline node. Default #ffffff
nodeOnlineBackgroundColor The background color to depict an online node. Default #20ff20
nodeOnlineTextColor The text color to use for labeling an online node. Default #000000
ringColor The color to render the ring. Default #202020
rings An array collection of defined rings to monitor and produce images for. The structure is defined below.
width The width, in pixels, to generate the image. Default 480


field name description
enabled Indicates whether this ring configuration is enabled for monitoring. Default true
headerText Override the default text in the header area to label the ring. Default Sample ring
id A unique identifier for the ring to be used in logging and constructing image files. Default sample
nodes An array of node objects where each represents a lightning node participant in this ring, in order. The structure is defined below


field name description
pubkey The public key to the node
operator A short label to identify the node

Run Directly

Ensure the virtual environment is activated

source ~/.pyenv/nodeyez/bin/activate

Change to the scripts folder

cd ~/nodeyez/scripts

Run it

python lndringoffire.py

Press CTRL+C to stop the process

Run at Startup

To enable the script to run at startup, as the privileged user run the following

sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-lndringoffire.service

sudo systemctl start nodeyez-lndringoffire.service