NODEYEZ Running at Startup

Display panels and scripts to get the most from your Bitcoin node

Running Services at Startup

If you installed Nodeyez using the Quick Start, then this step is already done for you and you can skip ahead to using the Nodeyez-Config tool to toggle and view services.

You can run the scripts you so choose automatically at startup so that you don’t have to login and manually start them after a power outage or system reboot. To do this, copy the service scripts to the appropriate systemd folder

sudo cp /home/nodeyez/nodeyez/scripts/systemd/*.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo cp /home/nodeyez/nodeyez/scripts/systemd/nodeyez.conf /etc/nodeyez.conf

Enable services

You don’t have to enable every service, just the ones you want to run automatically at startup.

sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-arthash.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-blockhashdungeon.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-blockheight.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-blockstats.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-daily-data-retrieval.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-difficultyepoch.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-fearandgreed.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-feeestimates.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-fiatprice.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-geyserfund.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-halving.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-inscriptionmempool.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-inscriptionparser.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-ipaddresses.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-lndchannelbalance.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-lndchannelfees.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-lndhub.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-lndmessages.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-lndringoffire.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-mempoolspace.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-miner.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-miningpool-braiinspool.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-miningpool-f2pool.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-miningpool-luxorpool.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-nodeyezdual.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-nostrbandstats.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-opreturn.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-satsperfiatunit.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-slideshow.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-sysinfo.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-utcclock.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-whirlpoolclimix.service
sudo systemctl enable nodeyez-whirlpoolliquidity.service

Start services

Only issue the systemctl start command for those services you want to run.

sudo systemctl start nodeyez-arthash.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-blockhashdungeon.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-blockheight.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-blockstats.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-daily-data-retrieval.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-difficultyepoch.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-fearandgreed.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-feeestimates.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-fiatprice.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-geyserfund.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-halving.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-inscriptionmempool.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-inscriptionparser.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-ipaddresses.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-lndchannelbalance.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-lndchannelfees.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-lndhub.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-lndmessages.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-lndringoffire.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-mempoolspace.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-miner.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-miningpool-braiinspool.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-miningpool-f2pool.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-miningpool-luxorpool.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-nodeyezdual.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-nostrbandstats.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-opreturn.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-satsperfiatunit.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-slideshow.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-sysinfo.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-utcclock.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-whirlpoolclimix.service
sudo systemctl start nodeyez-whirlpoolliquidity.service

List Nodeyez Services

For a listing of the Nodeyez services that are enabled to run automatically every time your system boots, use this command

sudo systemctl list-unit-files --type=service --state=enabled | grep nodeyez

More often though, you may want to see the same list, but with the running state as well. You can use this command

sudo systemctl list-units --type=service | grep nodeyez

Sample output

  nodeyez-lndchannelbalance.service      loaded active running LND Channel Balances
  nodeyez-daily-data-retrieval.service   loaded active running Background data retrieval
  nodeyez-difficultyepoch.service        loaded active running Difficulty Epoch
  nodeyez-mempoolspace.service           loaded active running Mempool Blocks and Fee Estimates
  nodeyez-miner.service                  loaded active running Miner Status
 nodeyez-miningpool-f2pool.service      loaded failed failed  F2 Pool Mining Summary
  nodeyez-satsperfiatunit.service        loaded active running Sats per Fiat Unit
  nodeyez-slideshow.service              loaded active running Nodeyez Slideshow Runner

In the above example, we’ve chosen to only run some of the services, and one of them is showing that they failed. Viewing the logs can help when diagnosing the cause of failure.

Viewing Logs

You can view the logs using journalctl like this

sudo journalctl -fu nodeyez-sysinfo.service

And press CTRL+C to stop viewing the logs for that service

Stopping a Service

Stopping a service is just as easy as starting one.

sudo systemctl stop nodeyez-fearandgreed.service

Disabling a Service

If you desire to disable a service so it does not automatically start you can issue a command structured like this

sudo systemctl disable nodeyez-fearandgreed.service

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