NODEYEZ Development Environment

Display panels and scripts to get the most from your Bitcoin node

Creating a New Panel

Create a temporary branch for your new panel.

Using the Terminal

git checkout -b helloworld

Run the panel creation script

Using the Terminal

cd ~/nodeyez/utils

When prompted for the Name, type in the name you want for the panel. This should be kept relatively short. For example Hello World

For the description, you can add a little more context, but its not intended for a lengthy paragraph of text. This embeds in documentation, usage guidance, service description and even the initial sample output. For example This is my first Nodeyez panel.

On the Group Type screen, select the group that most matches the intent of your panel. Use the arrow keys, and press the space bar to mark the selection before pressing the Enter key. For example Other Fun Panels

After this final selection, 4 files will be created in their respective directories based on the name given in the first prompt. You’ll also be presented with a TODO list for further actions.

Your TODO list
1. Write your custom panel logic in ~/nodeyez/scripts/
   As you add or remove configurable properties, be sure to update
   ~/nodeyez/sample-config/helloworld.json - with property, description, type, default value
   ~/nodeyez/_docs/ - same information
2. Run your panel. Then copy the image produced as a sample image referenced by docs.
   cp ~/nodeyez/imageoutput/helloworld.png ~/nodeyez/images
3. Optionally modify ~/nodeyez/_install_steps/ to reference the service script in the enable and start sections
4. Optionally modify ~/nodeyez/ if this panel should be installed and optionally enabled by default

Run the panel

Using the Terminal

cd ~nodeyez/scripts

press CTRL+C to stop the panel running continuously.

If using the IDE, you can select the generated file in the scripts folder and begin running it immediately by pressing F5.

Review the image in the imageoutput folder.

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